Today, H Development owns and manages a portfolio of prime Ginza-style retail commercial buildings, retail shops and residential properties, most of which is 100% owned by the Group

“I want to express my lasting appreciation of H Development” said Yoshinobu Hiroi. His exclusive restaurant Sushi Hiro is situated on the 10th floor of Henry House, Causeway Bay, and is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. Serving the freshest seafood in town, food is sourced directly from Japan and served in an authentically Japanese style.

“Back in 2002, opening an omakase restaurant in a Ginza-style building was a completely new concept in Hong Kong” Yoshinobu added. “We were a little uncertain at first, but after we committed, we were pleasantly surprised by H Development’s efforts. They provided brilliant property management services, and their ability to bring in new customers allowed us to focus on making the best sushi we could.”

Yoshinobu Hiroi

Founder of Sushi Hiro

Lim Meng-teng, Managing Director of Neo Derm, one of the largest players in the medical aesthetics industry in Hong Kong, opened his first treatment centre, Dermes – a laser hair removal specialist – in Henry House in 2003. Despite the economic downturn in Hong Kong at the time, Dermes managed to grow faster than its competitors. Mr. Lim explained that the team at Henry House was a significant contributor to that growth.

"In 2003, when we first entered the market, we needed an affordable place with the flexibility to customise our interior design. Henry House was the ideal choice for start-ups because of their tailored services, even referring customers and bankers to us.“

Lim Meng-teng

Managing Director of Neo Derm



Jordan, Kowloon